Gas Processing

Gas Processing 

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• Indirect Fired Heater Packages
• Filter-Separators

• Natural Gas Dehydration and Hydrate Control
• Tri-Ethylene Glycol Absorption (TEG Dehydration)
• Ethylene Glycol Injection
• Chiller Systems

• H2S & CO2 Removal
• Amine Absorption Systems (Amine Sweetening)
• Membrane Systems
• Hybrid Membrane/Amine Systems
• Carbon Bed Adsorption Systems

• Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Control & Recovery
• Joule-Thomson Systems (JT Units)
• Mechanical Refrigeration Systems
• Hybrid Mechanical Refrigeration / Joule-Thomson Systems

• Hydrocarbon Liquid Stabilization / Fractionation
• Condensate Stabilizer
• Deethanizers
• Depropanizer
• Debutanizer


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